Founded in 2006 by James and Patricia DuBos, The mission of Thy Kingdom Come, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit, is to promote a renewal of love for the Catholic Church by deepening the commitment and understanding of the people of God. With this renewed commitment, we aim to open and strengthen society’s participation in the Christian life, and establish a sense of hope in the future of the Catholic ChurchWe believe that only through personal relationships can a sense of community be reestablished that will awaken in lay people the commitment to follow through on their path to holiness with a sense of purpose, humility and joyful anticipation. We hope that our projects will provide an opportunity to create these relationships in local communities.

Though many educational opportunities exist in the Church, many lay people do not take advantage of these opportunities. To accomplish our goals, our material must be in a format that is easy to access, simple to navigate, visually appealing, emotionally moving and, most importantly, compiled into truth-filled presentations.

Over time, Thy Kingdom Come will create projects that will be an invaluable resource to the Church, both pastors and lay faithful, and society.

Thy Kingdom Come is in complete communion with the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Our goal is always to walk in step with the Church.

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